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Web Server Requirements

Please make sure you have asked your hosting company the following minimum requirements to run EasyDirectoryScript. If you are not sure to determine your webserver capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

But don't worry, even if your webserver does not meet the requirement, you still have a FREE One Month Web hosting from us. Just let us know your domain name and we will install it and send you the details.

Web Server Requirements

Server Requirements

  • Unix / Linux / Windows / MacOS X Webserver
  • 1000 MB Webserver space
  • 1 MySQL 4.0 or above
  • PHP 5.2 or above
  • Accessibility to Send Mail Function
  • PHP GD2 Library for image resizing
  • FreeType Module Support
  • Safe Mode Off
  • set_time_limit() function Enabled
  • suPHP must be on
  • cURL module enabled
  • Apache Mod Rewrite (Optional)
  • Domain Name or Subdomain Name
  • ionCube Loaders v4.4 or latest

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Installation Guide

Please read the following installation guide to successfully install your EasyDirectoryScript copy to your webserver. Please do understand that by installing EasyDirectoryScript, you are bound by EasyDirectoryScript End User License Agreement.

This installation guide assumes that you have basic knowledge on how to install the software to your webserver.

  • Upload Files from the Zip File Package

    Please upload all your files from the zip file package to your web server destination folder. You can use FTP client programs such as CuteFTP, WS FTP or others to upload to the destination folder.
  • Assign Proper File Permissions

    When all files are all uploaded, please make sure that you provide proper file permissions (all write enable) to the /files folder and all its sub-folders.
  • Upload Database To Your Web Server

    Now, we will need to setup database for the new copy of EasyDirectoryScript software. Please open your phpMyAdmin program (most linux server will have phpMyAdmin), and then you will notice that within the EasyDirectoryScript files, you will see a file named easydirectoryscript.sql.

    Please use phpMyAdmin, and upload easydirectoryscript.sql file to the mysql. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact us..
  • Connecting to Your Database

    Now it is the time to connect your website files to the database, please find setting.php file in your admin folder.

    You will see the following codes in the setting.php file :
    $db_host = "localhost";
    $db_name = "easydirectoryscript";
    $db_username = "username";
    $db_password = "password";
    Now, please ask your web hosting company for your MySQL hostname, MySQL database name, Username and Password.

    Let's assume they provided you the following information :
    Hostname = localhost
    Database Name = easy_db
    Username = easy_user
    Password = yourmysqlpassword
    Then, you will need to enter your mysql server information there as follow :
    $db_host = "localhost";
    $db_name = "easy_db";
    $db_username = "easy_user";
    $db_password = "yourmysqlpassword";
    That's it! Now your website is connected to the mysql database in your webserver.
  • Setting Up the Right Path for your Website

    Now, let us do the final integration step by integrating EasyDirectoryScript with your webserver. Please use the setting.php (from the same admin folder) again and find the following lines :
    $dir_base = "$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']";
    $url_base = "";
    Now, please ask your web hosting company for your home directory path information. Let's assume that they provided you with the following information :
    Directory = /home/easy_demo/public_html
    Website =
    Then, let's enter the information to the setting.php file as follow :
    $dir_base = "/home/easy_demo/public_html";
    $url_base = "";
    That's it! Now your website is well configured.
  • Let's try the Administration Panel

    Installation is now complete, you should first setup your website first from the admin panel.
    You can access the admin panel from

    By default, the login to the admin panel is :
    Username = admin
    Password = admin
  • Done!

    Now you can enjoy the power of EasyDirectoryScript for your website.
    Please do not forget to come back to our website to receive more updates later.

    Still have problems with your website? Please contact us.

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Customization Tips

Before using your website completely, please consider some quick customizations for your website to improve the overall performance of your website.

  • Change your Administration User / Pass

    Prior to customize everything, you should start by changing the administration username and password by going to the admin panel > website setup > administrator users.
  • Edit Your Website Properties

    You should now register your website url to google maps and then you will get a Google Map API key which you should enter into the admin panel > website setup > website properties.

    Then, you can complete the website properties form in the same page.
  • Choose The Languages You Need

    Next, you should choose the languages you want to use for your website by going to
    admin panel > website setup > languages.

    If you are using multi languages version, then you can have this option.
    Remember, it is important to decide the languages first prior to using the website.
  • Decide Photo Size and Dimension

    Before submitting any pictures, you should decide how the software will resize your pictures automatically. You should go to admin panel > website setup > photo properties.
  • Enter The Locations You Want

    Now, it is the right time for you to enter all locations (states, provinces, cities, or town names) into the website by going to admin panel > lookup > general > locations.
  • Setup the Lookup Data

    Then you should setup all lookup data for your website which is accessible
    from admin panel > lookup.
  • Customize Your Email Messages

    You may also want to edit the email messages that will be sent by the system. To do this, you should go to admin panel > website setup > email templates.

    However, please make sure not to edit the data within [ ... ] as they are used to merge with values from the database.
  • Setup The Packages

    Now, you can start setting up the packages by going to admin panel > sellers. There, you can setup the Package : Listing and the Package : Subscription.
  • Setup Payment Preferences

    Okay, now you are ready to setup your own payment preferences. You can choose to use paypal, 2checkout and wire transfer.

    Please go to admin panel > website setup > payment preferences.
  • Website is Now Ready

    Now, you website is ready. However, maybe you still want to customize the website layout or simply want to change the logo of your website.

    You can do that by editing the html template files which are located in your /templates folder by using your favorite html editor.

EasyDirectoryScript End User License Agreements


  • EasyDirectoryScript and all of its source codes and files are protected by Copyright Laws.
  • By purchasing a single copy of EasyDirectoryScript, you get a license for EasyDirectoryScript that permits you to install EasyDirectoryScript on a single domain (.com, .org, .net, etc.) for one time only.
  • All sales are final and are non-refundable.
  • As a customer of EasyDirectoryScript, you may make modifications that you wish to the layouts and functionalities, but you may not claim credit for it, and you may not, under any circumstances, re-distribute or re-sell EasyDirectoryScript or any of its source or files related to EasyDirectoryScript.
  • Changes to the any editable source codes will void your free support for any areas of the script that have been changed.
  • We give no warranty or guarantee for the program.
  • We are not liable for loss of data or any damages the service might cause you, your computer, your clients/users or anything else related to you.
  • You are solely responsible for the use of the program and any content you display using the program.
  • All customers must submit the URL where they are using or plan to use each licence.
  • Your website URL may be added to our client list to display on our website.
  • EasyDirectoryScript reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.
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