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Features Overview

Our directory script is packed with complete set of features to help you run your yellow pages and directory website easily, from radius search feature to online payment integration.

To get better understanding of how these features work, you may also try it on our demonstration website. Please also do not hesitate to ask our pre-sales department team to get better understanding of how things work.

If you need to see the detailed description or information regarding a feature, please click the feature name from the left side bar to get more detailed information regarding the feature.


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Find & Print Coupons with Ease

  • Finding Coupons is EASY!

    Allow your visitors to browse coupons, find coupons and even print the coupons directly from your website.

    They can search easily from the Hot Offers section in your website.
  • View & Print Coupons Easily.

    You can click the coupon to view the coupon, and you can also print the coupon with ease.
  • View Coupons from smartphones directly (Fully Responsive)

    Your visitors can also search, browse and view the latest coupon updates from their mobile smartphones easily.
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Easy News Publication System

  • Spread The News

    Your members can easily spread their business news by submitting the news from the member panel.

    Once it is approved, the news will be displayed and searchable on the website.
  • Search & Browse News with Ease

    Visitors can easily browse and search news with ease by using the integrated all-in-one news search system.
  • Social Sharing Enabled

    Share the news with your social friends using Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and also Google+ easily.
  • Read News from Mobile Web Version (Fully Responsive)

    Provides easy access for your visitors to read important news update directly from their mobile smartphones easily.
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Enhanced Event Classifieds

  • Promote Events with Ease

    Let your business members easily promote their events with easy. All they need to do is to submit the event from their member panel.
  • Search & Browse Events with Ease

    Visitors can easily browse and search events with ease by using the integrated all-in-one events search system.
  • Easy To Use Event Calendar

    Browse events easily by clicking the date from the event calendar to view events.
  • Browse Events from Mobile Web Version (Fully Responsive)

    Provides easy access for your visitors to browse events directly from their mobile smartphones easily.
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Enhanced Business Detail Page

  • Improved Photo Gallery.

    The photo gallery have been improved to allow lots of photos to be displayed together.
  • Enhanced Business Listing Features.

    Your visitors can see all information about a business listing / company here completely, from phone numbers to various hot offers from the company.
  • Easy To Use Contact Form.

    Your visitors can simply contact the company / business by using the easy to use contact form. The form will automatically send the message to the company contact person in a nicely formatted email message.
  • Information Sharing Capability.

    Enables your visitor to share the company / business information with their friends via email.
  • Social Bookmarking

    Allows visitor to share the company information to their friends using FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and other social sharing websites with ease ...
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Feature Rich Member Panel

  • Manage Business Listings.

    Members can add / edit / delete their own business listings easily. They can add unlimited listings into the website, and each listings can have unlimited photos, videos, documents, events, news and products.
  • Company Profile Editor.

    Members can edit their own company profile and logo via their own seller panel.
  • Transaction History.

    All the payments made by a member will be displayed within this page along with the date of payment, amount of payment and also the details of the payment.
  • Subscription Manager.

    Members can easily extend or upgrade their subscription account from their own seller / member panel.
  • Change Password Tool.

    Members can easily edit their password whenever they need to change the password.
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Easy To Use Advertiser Panel

  • Manage Banners.

    Advertisers can easily manage their banner advertisements from the advertiser panel. They can easily add, edit or delete their current banner advertisements easily.
  • Company Profile Editor.

    Advertisers can edit their own advertiser profile via their own advertiser panel.
  • Transaction History.

    All the payments made by an advertiser will be displayed within this page along with the date of payment, amount of payment and also the details of the payment.
  • Change Password Tool.

    Advertiser can easily edit their password whenever they need to change the password.
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Enhanced Form Validation

  • CAPTCHA form protection

    Improves the overall website security by making sure that all the form data are submitted by personal / human. This feature completely prevents web robots from submitting the data. However, if you don't want this feature then you can disable this feature easily.
  • Easy To Understand Form Errors.

    Your visitor can easily understand which fields are submitted wrongly. The form will automatically mark the invalid fields in red. That way, the visitors can simply focus on the marked fields to correct their submission.
  • Easy To Change Required Fields.

    You can also change how the form will be validated by editing the required fields with your own html editor.
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Integrated Payment System

  • Accepts Online Payments.

    You can use Paypal and 2CheckOut to accept online payments from your sellers and advertisers.
  • Accepts Off-line Payments.

    You can accept manual / off-line payments such as Wire Transfer, Money Order or Check Order from your sellers and advertisers.

    And, you can manually approve the payments easily from the admin panel > payments.
  • Flexible Packages for your Business Members.

    Members can choose Pay-Per-Listing Packages or Pay-Per-Month (Subscription) Packages to list their business listings.
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Multiple Languages and Localization Feature

  • Multiple Languages Capability.

    EasyDirectoryScript has several versions that allow you to use multi language feature.

    For example, the EasyDirectoryScript World Version now supports up to 10 languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Russian, Dutch and Arabic.

    For each language, the user will have the ability to put the same data in different version. Example, if you are using the Spanish Version, then you can enter a email template for spanish, and also for english.
  • Multi Currency Format and Date Format.

    EasyDirectoryScript allows you to choose your own currency format and date format for each languages you use in your website.
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100% Fully Responsive Design for Mobile Phones

  • Fit to most smartphones

    EasyDirectoryScript provides you a fully responsive design that works well for most modern smartphones. Visitors can search and get information fast easily from their very own mobile phones.
  • Fully Responsive Administration Panel

    EasyDirectoryScript also offers your administrator users a very easy tool by enabling them to manage the website daily activities right from their smartphones.
  • Fully Responsive Membership Panels

    Our EasyDirectoryScript Fully Responsive Design also allows your business members to manage their business listings easily from their smartphones.
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Feature Rich Administration Panel

Our EasyDirectoryScript is also powered by the feature rich administration panel, that will help you operate your website easily.

From the administration panel, you can do the following :

  • View website summary.
  • Edit website properties.
  • Backup MySQL database using Backup Tool.
  • Manage content pages easily.
  • Manage email templates.
  • Manage photo properties.
  • Manage languages and edit currency / date format.
  • Configure payment preferences.
  • Manage administrator users.
  • Edit lookup data using Lookup Management Tools from your admin panel.
  • Manage currencies, countries, locations, day names, month names, etc easily.
  • Manage members / sellers along with their business listings.
  • Manage advertisers and their banner ads.
  • Manage visitor accounts.
  • Edit form fields using Listing Fields Editor.
  • Approve business listings, photos, videos, etc from the Approval Center.
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Friendly Support

Support and Upgrades

  • FREE 1 Month Web Hosting Support.

    You don't need to worry if your web server does not meet the requirements. We have provided it all here.

    When you make the purchase, we already provided a free one month web hosting trial period for you to see that everything is working fine.
  • FREE 6 Months Upgrade Period.

    You will be given free update within 6 months of your purchase date.
  • FREE 1 Time Installation Period.

    We provide you with free one time installation. So you don't have to worry about the installation. We will do that for FREE for you.
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